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Wizard when it comes to search engine marketing, optimising marketing campaigns and helping businesses realise their potential through online advertising.

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Wizard when it comes to search engine marketing, optimising marketing campaigns and helping businesses realise their potential through online advertising. With more than 5 years of experience in France, the Netherlands and Ireland, I’ve develop a deep understanding of many verticals of different sizes. Always looking for new professional and personal challenges, I am eager to help you grow your business online. Think we make a good match? I’d love to hear from you

Google Ads

Whether to raise awareness on your brand or develop your sales, Google has a solution for you.

Bing, Yahoo & Yandex

Google is not the only platform that can help you grow online.


TripAdvisor, Trivago, Google have great solutions for hotels and vacation rentals.

Any specific platforms?

Quora? Amazon? Reddit? Or any other? Do not hesitate to get in touch

Facebook Ads

Leverage Facebook rules to beat your competition

Instagram Ads

Raise awareness and develop your sales on Instagram

Influence marketing

Develop your brand awareness with the good influencers.

Customer Journey Analysis

Find how your customers interact with your channels before converting.

Drip Marketing

Build an environment where you can change your strategy depending on your customers behaviours

Digital marketing audit

Test if your digital marketing is up-to-date.

Google Plateforms

Helping you set up Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager

Google Data Studio

Create thorough reports on Data Studio

Analytic plateforms

Moz, SEM Rush, arhef and Spyfu

News curation

Reading news daily from 50 sources.

French & English

French Native speakers with more than 4 year experience in Ireland

German: Learning

Pixels installations and issue spotting

Javascript: Learning
Surfing & competition

Stop blending in with the rest of the crowd and start leaving your mark on the web.

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