Channel Customisation
Period selection
Multi-channel analysis

Channel tracker

The channel report gives you a great snapshot of your overall results by “medium“. In other words, instead of having a thorough breakdown of each source and medium, this report allows you to grasp the overall health of your website. Up to you then, to go more granular if you need.

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Weekly heat map

Getting a clear snapshot of online performance can be a tedious task. Indeed, analytics platforms can be difficult to use or understand and often demand a deep analytical knowledge.

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Hours & Day

Segment your results and organise granular optimisations

Temperature system

Colors scheme to identify easily your best performing segments .

Cost per Click

Select the expected cost per click (Benchmarks enclosed)

Lead to conversion rate

Select the expected Lead to conversion rate (Benchmarks enclosed)

Sales conversion rate

Select the expected Sales conversion rate (Benchmarks enclosed)

Cost of acquisition

What kind of cost of acquisition you might expect

Cost of acquisition

Google Ads has great solutions to reach out to customers online. Whether to advertise on the search, video or display networks, Google’s advertising platform gives marketers great tools to invest where is the most likely to convert. On the other hand, though appealing, Google Ads is not costless for business, by far. Indeed, depending on the sector, the business risk to pay a significant “toll” before actually getting customers.

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