Work experiences.


Head of Search Engine Marketing – Current


Digital marketing specialist (French Market) – Paid Ads specialist – Paid Ads specialist (Internship)

Corteam Conseil

Digital marketing specialist (Internship) – 11 months

Dublin, Ireland

GreenTDigital - My experience as Head of Search Engine marketing within a digital marketing agency

Working for an agency is a complete new challenge. More freedom, more responsibilities and an incomparable process to learn more about digital marketing and yourself.

What I’ve learnt?

Leaving an in-house marketing company for a digital agency was an important move for me. Starting from scratch and challenging my certitudes were critical for me.

Indeed, changing the way I was used to work brought me more than I’d expected. Even though I learnt and developed my technical skills, working for an agency has boosted my soft skills in a tremendous way.

My day to day work

Managing and setting up Google Ads Accounts
Creating and developing search engine marketing strategies and proposals for clients in various industries and verticals
Creating campaign management tools and leading the reporting side of the digital agency.
Working on the content marketing strategy (Blog articles and cases studies)
Monitoring accounts KPIs with Google Analytics, Search Console, MOZ, SEM rush and other relevant search engine marketing tools
Helping on Social media marketing and social networking applications

Company website: GreenTdigital

Dublin, Ireland & Paris, France

Bookassist - From Paid marketing assistant to Digital Marketing Specialist

Moving to Ireland was a choice and a necessity… Having failed to find a job or an internship in France after graduating, I left my comfort zone and started from scratch in a different country with a language whom I just had vague notions. After 3 months in a language school, I tried one more time to get my first work experience.

What I’ve learnt?

Bookassist offered me my first internship (Paid Marketing assistant) which will soon become my first job. Thanks to my great managers, I got the chance to rapidly work on different projects such as helping on meta searches, working on basic optimisations on Google AdWords (4 years ago), and creating content for basic SEO tasks. After 6 months, I got offered the role of Paid Search specialist which consisted in managing about 100 Google AdWords accounts. Finally, I got offered the role of Digital Marketing specialist, a role I kept for 18 months.

My day to day work

Creating and maintaining Search Engine Marketing (SEM) campaigns (Google Adwords, Bing Yahoo ads) for hotels and hotel groups across multiple ad platforms.
Analysing, developing and implementing onsite and offsite Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies for new and existing clients.
Creating social media campaigns (Facebook & Instagram).
Organising meetings with clients to review performance and improve strategies.
Keeping up to date with new trends in online marketing.
Presenting workshop/seminar content to inform clients of latest trends.

Company website: Bookassist

La Walck & Strasbourg, France

Corteam Conseil - My first internship as a digital marketing assistant

As part of my Master’s degree I had to complete a 10 month internship. A first experience where I learnt more than I had expected.

What I’ve learnt?

My mission was simple: helping rebuild a website. With no prior experiences, I had to find ways to learn various skills that I was clearly lacking off. A challenge which got progressively more difficult as different unforeseen issues came along the way (Google penalties, web development outsourcing issue…).

My main project got unfortunately postponed for reasons I couldn’t control. An unsuccessful experience that was fortunately rich of learnings.

My day to day work

Managing the rebuild of a website (Planning, Team Management, SEO)
Being in charge of different marketing online strategies (Affiliate management, Emailing, AdWords, AdSense, Analytics)
Setting up and managing Emailing campaigns
Managing Social Networks
Taking part of a E-commerce cross-border project

Company website: Corteam